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we have come to recognize
an unmet need in the industry

As field technicians and the owners of a small cultural resource management firm (CRM), we have come to recognize an unmet need in the industry. There is no efficient system that connects professional field technicians with archaeological firms. These firms are facing the challenge of mobilization on a tight deadline, and for this reason, arcTECH Logistics was born.

We have created a database of technicians that we organize into crews to be delivered to projects all over the country. We partner with CRM and environmental firms to streamline the hiring process. What if we handled the phone calls, CV reviews, and reference checks for you? What if you only had to upload your professional qualifications once? Upload your information, build your CV, network with companies, choose jobs close by or far away, and see what opportunities are waiting for you!

Whether you are experienced in archaeological studies or are an expert in environmental sciences like ecology or botany, we can help you find interesting, engaging opportunities in the area that you want to be.

We see arcTECH Logistics as a vehicle to revolutionize the CRM and environmental industries. We have experience on both ends of the spectrum. We understand the needs of field techs working on a tight budget and business owners trying to watch their bottom lines. With arcTECH Logistics, working together is more possible than ever, and achieving more is a daily reality.

arcTECH Logistics is a woman-owned small business.

arcTECH Logistics
P.O. Box 984
Wooton, KY 41776
Office: 606-279-4569
Cell: 606-275-2004
Email: info@arctechlogistics.com

Weekdays: 7 AM – 5 PM
Weekends: Closed

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